Amelita Galli-Curci

Audio Clips

RA “Caro Nome” from Rigoletto by Verdi (107k). Amelita’s first great success at her debut which then and later sent audiences into wild approbation. (Recorded 1917; excerpt: 55 seconds.)

RA “Sempre libera” from La Traviata by Verdi (128k). Amelita’s ability to hit and sustain high notes with total control and perfect intonation was one of her outstanding endowments. (Recorded 1919; excerpt: 66 seconds.)

RA “C’est l’histoire amoureuse” from Manon by Auber (140k). A perfect example of Amelita’s flawless technique and intonation is clearly exhibited in this short excerpt. (Recorded 1917, excerpt: 72 seconds.)

RA “Ombra leggiera” from Dinorah by Meyerbeer (516k). Dinorah was Amelita's favorite rôle. I have presented the entire “Shadow Song” here as it epitomizes her incredible vocal technique. (Recorded 1917, complete: 4 minutes, 25 seconds.)

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